Comfort of Home

Now attend and take your classes at the comfort of your home. It is the best option in these difficult times. And Gyanodaya LMS makes it even more convenient and easy to manage the whole class.

Efficient Management

It makes it very easy to manage the whole class with just the click of the button for teachers. And for students also you can attend the scheduled lecture with just the click of a button.

Self Discipline & Responsibility

By using Gyanodaya LMS the students begin to develop a sense of self discipline and responsibility. As they are tend to attend the scheduled class and do the assignments.


Web Conferencing

Our Gyanodaya LMS offers a free web conferencing function which the teachers can use to clear the doubts of the students or take live lectures. It is a handy tool which comes integrated with our Learning Management System. This comes in handy and solves many problems. With the help of web conferencing feature the teacher's and students work is reduced as they don't need any other medium to talk.

Detailed Reports

Our Learning Management System provides detailed reports of grades, student attendance, etc. It is very easy to manage and export the desired reports data in Excel Format. Detailed Reports feature makes it very easy for the teachers to maintain the record of every student in a systematic and manageable way. The work of teacher reduces and the teacher can focus on teaching the students rather than maintaining records/reports.

Students Gets Tasks

The teachers can give students tasks according to their subject and student can focus on the single task and when the student completes the task the teacher can give another task. Through this simple way the teachers can clear all the doubts of the students and the students will understand the concept more easily this way. Through this interactive method the students can learn much faster and understand the subject easily.

Share Files and Notes

Gyanodaya LMS makes it very easy for teachers and students to share notes and files. The teachers can share all the notes to the students by uploading the notes in the pdf format or image format on the LMS and the students can download or access the notes easily through their student id's. This comes in handy when you have to distribute the notes to all the students of your class. Now you just need to upload it once and your work is done, it has reached to all the students of your class.

Whiteboard Facility

Gyanodaya LMS comes with whiteboard facility which comes in handy when teachers want to clear the doubts of all the students on whiteboard. This feature can be found under the online class section. Where you can access the whiteboard and teach the students like a normal class using the whiteboard.